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Friday, May 24, 2024

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Tagged with: Blackwater

Who are these nice people who say they want me to get a raise?

Turns out it's a rabid anti-labor group that wants to destroy public-sector unions.

Arts Forecast: OK, how about a Valentine’s dance and roller-disco block party?

Plus: SF Beer Week, Ritual of Myth Making, Black Choreographers Festival, Valentechno, Blackwater Holylight, more

Arts Forecast: Juneteenth, Jazzteenth, Corgi Con, Bad Gays, Sara Shelton Mann, more

Plus: The Black and queer roots of dance music, Blackwater Holylight, 'Straight Outta Hunters Point,' more to do

Screen Grabs: The ballad of Fatty Arbuckle

The anniversary of Hollywood's biggest silent era scandal. Plus: The Card Counter, Blue Collar, 499, and a great socialism doc.

The Trump ally trying to defeat universal childcare in SF

A giant New York real estate group with ties to Donald Trump hads dumped $100,000 into opposing Sup. Jane Kim’s universal child-care measure. The No...

Erik Prince, Blackwater founder, on ‘shithole countries’

The news cycle these days moves fast and furious, especially when it comes to our esteemed President Donald Trump. A few days back, Trump...

Trump’s education secretary — and her brother, a mercenary who advocates assassinations

Blackwater founder Erik Prince, who has been called “America’s most notorious mercenary” by author and journalist Jeremy Scahill, has emerged as an influential advisor...