Stories about Campaign Finance

The Agenda, Feb 21-26: More Mission displacement ….

... plus permanent Google buses and a fight over the Ethics Commission

The real estate industry attacks affordable housing in SF

The California Association of Realtors spends a fortune to mess with SF's successful affordable housing programs

Dede Wilsey joins big money against City Hall reform

Mayor's allies spending more than $800,000 against Props. D, H, L and M

The Agenda, Sept. 26-Oct 2: The campaign madness moves to D1

Sandy Fewer's birth certificate and her SFUSD donations. Plus: What will Ethics do about Mark Farrell's huge fine and Steve Kawa's missing calendar?

Is Josh Arce supported by the cops?

Independent expenditure campaign in D9 raises questions -- and shows how fast everyone is running away from the Police Officers Association

The Agenda, April 10-17: Superdelegates, nationally and locally

Big money in the DCCC campaigns -- and a candidate who isn't sure which race he's raising money for. Plus: The mayor wants to punish the homeless for a police shooting

The Agenda, April 4-10: Changing the DCCC rules (again), the first Kim-Wiener debate ….

... and a big showdown on Sanctuary City, immigration, and law enforcement

Yes, the (legal) scam Josh Arce is running in D9 is unprecedented

Nobody has ever raised this kind of (unlimited) money for a DCCC campaign while also running for supervisor.

Ethics Commission tries to figure out nonprofit lobbying — and pushes steep Farrell fine

Supervisor refuses to pay $190K. Nonprofits worry about getting caught in corporate lobbying net

The Agenda, May 18-24: The Airbnb showdown begins

Plus: The future of the Ethics Commission, City College contract talks ... and why I ran the Bay to Breakers By Tim Redmond MAY 18, 2015...