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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Tagged with: Con Brio

Jam-packed: 10+ live shows and fests to carry you through spring

Sol Blume, Mill Valley Music Festival, Big Joanie, Lalin St Juste, Con Brio, more we're stoked to hear communally

Con Brio comes through like they mean it on shining “Seasons” EP

After the pandemic's reckoning and personnel changes, the Bay faves have matured in tone.

Under the Stars: Taj Mahal doesn’t like your friends, and other funky tales

GZA and Space Moth live, Yemenite psych-boogie from Sababa 5, Con Brio leaves its 'Heart on the Dancefloor, 'more new music!

Under the Stars: Get hype for the return of Noise Pop’s 20th Street Block Party

Plus: New sounds from Fake Fruit and Helado Negro—and an intriguing run of NYE Ty Segall shows.

Local musicians step up to ‘Blanket the Homeless’

When I spoke with storied music producer Scott Mickelson last month, San Francisco was in the midst of a nationally covered anti-homeless kerfuffle. Housed...

Cross-bay institution Black Choreographers Festival celebrates its first 15 years

“A courageous/ambitious idea,” is how co-founder Laura Ellis characterizes the birth of her and fellow choreographer Kendra Barnes’ enduring yearly event, the Black Choreographers...

A swell wave of female talent rolls in with TIDES

ALL EARS It makes sense that Suzanne Galal wants her new monthly party to be inclusive. A professor of pharmacy by trade, Galal started writing...

Homegrown soul sensation Con Brio is back

ALL EARS It wasn’t so long ago that people thought Con Brio was dead. In 2013, its original lead singer had moved on and...