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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Tagged with: Dan Savage

Screen Grabs: Hail international film, including African, Palestinian rarities

Plus: Homage to Italian soundtrack champ Ennio Morricone and Edward Yang's 'Taipei Stories'.

Marching all night, screaming ’til hoarse: protesting the Iraq Invasion 20 years ago

Two decades back, we took to the streets to denounce Bush's war—that's the only good thing to come out of the mess.

Bringing love story ‘Spoiler Alert’ to the screen, through grief, chance, and friendship

Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge talk about starring in Michael Ausiello's true-life tale of losing his partner

Screen Grabs: Coppola revives ‘Godfather’—and Dinklage delivers in ‘Cyrano’

Exactly 50 years ago this February 25, The Godfather was released. It was an adaptation of a pulpy best-seller that no one expected much...

Screen Grabs: South Asian cinema, transgender visions, amateur porn…

Woe betide the Bay Area movie lover equally enthused about South Asian cinema, transgender screen expressions, and amateur porn—because this week the signature local...

Arts Forecast: Reptaliens, Spear of Destiny, V Vale….

ARTS FORECAST For decades, if you had a question about sex, any question at all, you would "Ask Isadora." The goddess of alternative weekly...

Pornucopia! Dan Savage’s skin-flick fest returns

SCREEN GRABS Last year I was drenched -- figuratively, of course -- in porn. I spent several months writing a comprehensive history of porn music,...

Dan Savage’s pornucopia of skin flicks comes to Roxie

Sex writer's Hump! Tour features amateur porn galore, sleek to raw, Feb. 25-28. By Marke B. SCREEN GRABS What's it like watching a dozen homemade pornographic movies...