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Arts + Culture Arts Forecast Arts Forecast: Reptaliens, Spear of Destiny, V Vale....

Arts Forecast: Reptaliens, Spear of Destiny, V Vale….

An epic Peter Murphy residency, Kitka, DJ Saoirse, Electric Church, Flashing After Dark, The Great SF Corn Dog Festival, and more.


ARTS FORECAST For decades, if you had a question about sex, any question at all, you would “Ask Isadora.” The goddess of alternative weekly sex columnists, Isadora Alman, would patiently and supportively take you through any thorny, titillating issue or recent development with the grace and acceptance of a horny saint. (One of the great aspects of her writing was that she freely admitted to loving and often being confounded herself about sex.)

Isadora’s famous column ran in the Bay Guardian for years, and when I received an invite to her final public appearance on February 11 before her retirement, at age 79, to speak to a class of life-long learners at the Institute on Aging, I jumped at it. I love seniors!

Isadora, looking great.

The room was packed with admirers, and Isadora looked fabulous. Her charm and wit were only superseded by her openness to any question—in the course of an hour, in a room full of lively octogenarians, we covered clitoral pumps, stimulating gels, friends in the retirement home with benefits, and how to find a date offline. (Apparently, senior Tinder is all about sexytime.) She decried current sex advice columnists as somewhat aggressive and mean—she specifically mentioned Dan Savage here, who made a name with his scalding approach. It was a joy to see her dispense explicit wisdom with a motherly embrace. Wishing her well in her retirement, and meanwhile you can still buy her books!


TUE/5-SAT/23 MUSIC PETER MURPHY The Bauhausian innovator of black-clad rock puts in an epic month-long residency at the Chapel, playing his whole catalog. Don’t miss all of it. Various dates and times. The Chapel, SF. More info here. 

WED/6 AND SUN/10 FILM ELECTRIC CHURCH Jimi Hendrix is always so awesome. This doc shows the true power of both his musicianship and his personality, taking  us through the raucous Atlanta Pop Festival of 1970. Roxie Cinema, SF. More info here. 

WED/6 ART/MUSIC PRINCESS: OUT THERE Out There is a concept video album and live performance piece by the band Princess. It explores the role men ought to be playing during the current cultural reckoning of misogyny. The video’s science fiction narrative explores the power of the Divine Feminine through collaborations with JD Samson, visual artist Jennifer Meridian, and the band TEEN.” 8pm, $15. The Lab, SF. More info here. 

THU/7 ART FLASHING AFTER DARK: NIGHTLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY THEN AND NOW I curated a show at the GLBT History Museum! It’s all about photographer Melissa Hawkins portraits of queer San Francisco club kids   in the late ’80s and early ’90s. It’s up through May, but you can meet Melissa and a panel of legendary nightlife photographers on Thursday, as we all discuss this snaps after dark. 7pm-9pm, $5. GLBT History Museum, SF. More info here. 

THU/7 MUSIC REPTALIENS Who knew our lizard overlords made such delectable dream pop? The “lovers of sci-fi, theatrics, rituals, and absurdity” from Portland land in town with analog synthesizers, electric guitars, melodic bass lines, and lulling vocals. 8pm, $10-$12. Rickshaw Stop, SF. More info here.

THU/7 MUSIC SPEAR OF DESTINY Kirk Brandon’s grandiose, anthemic punk outfit was huge in the UK in the ’80s, but was derailed when Brandon was diagnosed with Reiter disease. The band is back, pumping fists to riffs and synths. 8pm, $13-$18. DNA Lounge, SF. More info here.

FRI/8 MUSIC A REUNION FOR DJ STEF Beloved hip-hop DJ Stef was taken from us way too soon a couple years ago. To honor her legacy of united everyone on the dance floor (and knowing everyone in town!), this party brings in some local legends, including Rascue, Big Serg, Charlotte The Baroness, and Toph One. 5pm-9pm, free (donations accepted). F8, SF. More info here.  

FRI/8 TALK V VALE OF RE/SEARCH Legend! “In 1977 V. Vale founded as sole proprietor Search & Destroy, San Francisco’s first Punk Rock publication. It was published at City Lights Bookstore, where V. Vale worked, and was funded by $100 each from Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg. In 1980, V. Vale launched as sole proprietor RE/SEARCH. V. Vale is most likely the longest lasting (and still active) Punk publisher. Although Vale released books which include Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, Lydia Lunch, and many other Punk notables, RE/SEARCH is actually best known for its impact on the total world of underground culture.” 7pm-10pm. 2740 16th Street, SF. More info here.

FRI/8 NIGHTLIFE SAOIRSE The UK sensation has only been on the scene for 15 years, and yet she spins rave-inflected house like a true vet, collapsing years into high energy sets that will tickle any old banger’s nostalgia. How does she do it? Witness her special magic with DJs Kathi and Day Thief at the Stud. 9pm-4am, $10-$15. The Stud, SF. More info here.    

SAT/9 LIT WRITERS WITH DRINKS: JOSIAH LUIS ALDERETE + MORE “Josiah Luis Alderete is a full blooded Pocho spanglish speaking poet from La Area Bahia who learned to write poetry in the kitchen of his Mama’s Mexican restaurant.” I’m already intrigued! He’s joined by SevanKelee Boult, Isaac R. Fellman, Kyle Thomas Smith, Maurisa Thompson and Leslie Miley, Plus special guest host Elena Rose. 7pm-9:30pm, free. MakeOut Room, SF. More info here. 

SAT/9 MUSIC CHASMS “Formed in 2011 in San Francisco by producer, guitarist, and vocalist Jess Labrador and bassist Shannon Madden, Chasms crafts ethereal, percussive dirges that are sparse in arrangement and potent with emotion.” With Wizard’s Apprentice. 9pm, $13. Elbo Room Jack London, Oakland. More info here. 

SAT/9 FOOD? THE GREAT SAN FRANCISCO CORN DOG FESTIVAL “You batter believe it — your favorite time of the year is here! It’s your special dog, all dressed up with a quick dip, a simple twirl, and deep fried to golden-perfection! SoMa StrEat Food Park and FunCheapSF are teaming up to bring you another festival filled with scrumptious bouquets of deliciously-battered, perfectly-fluffy, and oh-so-satisfyingly-crisp corn dogs from the Bay’s best food trucks!” 11am-5pm, $5-$36. SoMa StrEat Food Park, SF. More info here.

Marke B.
Marke Bieschke is the publisher and arts and culture editor of 48 Hills. He co-owns the Stud bar in SoMa. Reach him at marke (at), follow @supermarke on Twitter.

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