Stories about Excelsior

Alternative facts and the mayor’s housing plan

"Density bonus" for "middle-class housing" defies reality

Community, labor leaders protest scary Big Tech dark money

Astonishing unprecedented levels of outside cash try to buy elections for corporate-friendly candidates

Real estate forces fail to force a DCCC revote in D11

Dubious move by Safai supporters fails 15-13 after heated debate

The Chron’s C.W. Nevius again gets the housing market all wrong

"Supply and demand" argument ignores the reality on the ground -- market-rate housing isn't bringing down costs

Childcare celebration or campaign event?

D11 candidate Ahsha Safai gets mayor's support while incumbent Sup. Avalos is ignored at event celebrating nonprofit success

The Agenda, June 6-12, 2016: Key vote on Airbnb, Election Day partying ….

... plus the Chron can't bother to endorse a candidate for president and the DCCC leadership is trying to pull a fast one. We preview the week ahead

A real answer to the mayor’s (latest) bogus housing plan

Community groups figure out how to increase density and affordability -- without displacement

The Nimbys and the housing crisis

In my morality play, there are a whole lot worse villains

The Agenda, Nov. 9-15: What comes next in SF politics …

... And two great birthday parties, for a young labor organization and a veteran community newspaper By Tim Redmond NOVEMBER 9, 2015 – A weakened mayor,...

BIG WEEK: What to do July 28-August 3, 2015

Jerry Day, Jimmy Carter, Nihonmachi Street Fair, Ginger Pride Fest, Great Apes, Outsound, more essential events this week. By Marke B. BIG WEEK Alas, another abrupt closure...