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Insurance companies deny 100s of COVID claims; venues sue

Ivy Room heads lawsuit against First Mercury after hearing coronavirus business disruption isn't covered.

Newsom’s final try at undermining voter control of the waterfront

Final arguments in lawsuit against the city show limited evidence that Prop. B has done any harm

Newsom’s agency keeps trying to tell voters they have no say on waterfront

Lands Commission says SF is losing money at the Port -- but can present no clear evidence at all

Newsom’s lawyer says SF voters are stupid

State Lands Commission argues that San Franciscans aren't smart enough to understand land-use issues; former city attorney Renne calls that position 'elitist in the extreme.'

Video casts doubt on prosecution theory in Kate Steinle killing

Grainy but clear evidence suggests Zarate was bending over when shot was fired

Steinle killing was an accident, defense witness suggests

In Zarate Trial, firearms expert debunks prosecution theory
San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi

A heated battle over tasers in San Francisco

Discussion at criminal justice summit highlights policy issue; doc film on tasers slated for May 31

A trainwreck of a witness on final day of Nieto case

Man who says Nieto aimed a Taser at him and his dog also says he assumed the young man was a gang member, was distracted by a woman jogger's butt, and wished he could have shot Nieto himself

ACCJC prez admits City College got unfair treatment

  By Tim Redmond OCTOBER 28, 2014 -- In what could be a decisive moment in the City College trial, the head of the ACCJC admitted...

Politics on Tuesday: The guv and criminal justice

By Tim Redmond SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 -- Governor Brown has a strange thing with criminal justice. They guy was a Jesuit (you know, forgiveness and...