Stories about Open Space

Palo Alto and the tech shop of horrors

Behind the story of the Peninsula planning commissioner who made national news by saying she had to leave town to buy a house for her family

Can we stop the displacement of arts space and industry?

Kim drafts legislation that would stop the decimation of affordable PDR and arts space in Soma and the Mission

The myth of the killer bees

After decades of teaching people the importance of honeybees, one media frenzy could wipe all the progress out

Airbnb suddenly drops $245,000 into local politics

Big donations to measures sponsored by Farrell, Cohen, and Lee and to DCCC candidates come days after a new bill is introduced to more tightly regulate the company

Five myths about the homeless problem in San Francisco

Most of what the politicians and the media are telling you isn't true. Here's why.

Crashing the Super Bowl party

The Super Bowl is for the very rich, but the people who struggle to live here on the streets every day made a strong statement for the national media

Mayor’s housing plan: Developers get nice juicy benefit; city gets little or nothing

How the Affordable Housing Density Bonus gives away choice parcels to developers -- who won't actually provide that much affordable housing

The Agenda, Jan. 18-24: Police violence …

... electing our elected officials ... And why Willie Brown is so, so wrong about the protests at the Lee inauguration

The Agenda, Oct. 19-25: The city’s housing balance, an Uber crime report …

... a School Board member's role in a sleazy Ed Lee/Julie Christensen event, and why is SF still stuck with Comcast?  By Tim Redmond OCTOBER 19,...

A pricey palace, huge losses in risky investments, a busted bridge — and now the agency responsible wants more...

Behind the power grab by the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission