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Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Tagged with: resist

Good Taste: Vegan Hood Chefs and ChiliCali seek support

How to help two fantastic women-owned businesses survive and thrive after hardships.

‘Weed’ sparks up candid cannabis education for young people—and the rest of us

Caitlin Donohue's latest book for teens takes a big picture view of cannabis policy and culture in the Americas

‘The Petal’ explores slippery imagery, through cyanotype and hydrograph

At Et al. etc, Misa Chhan and Lyric Shen' stitched fabric, image transfers, BDSM practices, and dye resists

Dorsey attack on wellness center signals larger issues in SF’s new War on Drugs

The mayor, the DA, and the Tech Right want to revive a failed policy—and maybe go after local judges.

Screen Grabs: Can’t we all just grow up a little?

Young people in crisis in 'Amanda,' 'Afire,' 'War Pony,' and, of course, 'Dude Bro Massacre III'

Automatic blindsided new fans with post-punk future

Magical, mechanical doom thrills at group's recent four-night opening gig at Great American Music Hall

Lessons from the lizard people

A recent change of residence has forced me to look at a question most of us barely think about: Just how should humans interact...

From ‘Vagina Monologues’ to ‘Reckoning,’ V still fights for women’s voices and dreams

'We’re living in the karmic sludge of so much un-apologized-for behavior in the world,' says renowned activist, appearing at Bay Area Book Fest

Nan Goldin continues her nuanced dive into dependency and addiction

At Fraenkel Gallery, a powerful slideshow and abstract photos open empathetic pathways through the abyss.

34th annual Bioneers conference will tap young and old for big answers

Structural "othering" and the intelligence of animals take the fore at Berkeley thinker's ball.