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Sunday, May 28, 2023

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Tagged with: Sexual Abuse

Lydia Lunch is still kicking against the pricks

A wild interview with the no-holds-barred No Wave icon, in town for the debut of her new documentary

Screen Grabs: Delving into the toxic bastions

Love—both endearing and abusive—finds its way into prison, army, and sports in these new movies

Screen Grabs: When political violence is no longer unimaginable

Stories of oppression, terror, murder—and heroism. Plus: 'Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Rea & Stimpy Story,' more

Screen Grabs: Art imitates life

Social media political propaganda campaigns, sexual abuse accusations, invaded privacy—art certainly seems to be imitating life even more than usual amongst new streaming releases...

Screen Grabs: ‘5 Blocks’ delves into Mid-Market development quandary

Many everyday things have been notable for their absence during the shutdown, so something that stood out was construction—because it never seemed to stop,...

Lawsuit seeks to reduce ICE detention during pandemic

People in ICE detention are not facing criminal charges. Deportation is a civil matter – and yet, the law allows the government to lock...

Screen Grabs: Two major docs on devastating scandals

Equal parts entertaining and discomfiting, the two major documentaries opening at local theaters this week are both likely to make you mad. Not at...

Screen Grabs: A feast of docs and dancing

It’s a big week for non-fiction cinema, the main event being SFFilm’s fifth annual Doc Stories, which brings together several of the year’s most...

Screen Grabs: All the latest from Iran

Fall is a busy time for Bay Area screens beyond the multiplex, and this week is no exception. There are no less than three...

Homelessness and sexual violence

When you walk down the street in San Francisco, it is clear that homelessness is one of our most pressing issues. Yet sexual assault...