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Monday, May 27, 2024

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Jewish Film Fest spotlights Bella Abzug, Gene Wilder, and a host of fresh features

43rd installment also takes on hot topics, in movies like 'H2: The Occupation Lab,' 'Israelism,' and 'The Conspiracy'

With ‘Remember This,’ David Strathairn embodies Polish Resistance hero Jan Karski

'It's a privilege and responsibility to tell this story,' the local actor says of solo film at Jewish Film Fest

Screen Grabs: Jewish Film Fest delves into heroes, hoaxes, and hair-raisers

Teen tribulations, historical thrillers, and even a Bernie Madoff musical at the 41st installment, online and in-person.

Jewish Film Festival sparks with romance, tragedy, fiddler on roof

Though it has programmed its share of controversial fare over the years, the 39th edition of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival will open...

Star time

SCREEN GRABS There’s never been an un-interesting moment for the SF Jewish Film Festival (July 20 to August 6) to be going on, in...

What to see at the 35th SF Jewish Film Festival

Don't schvitz! From Hitchcock to DJ AM, here are six essential picks from the sprawling annual cinematic feast, beginning Thu/23. By Jesse Hawthorne Ficks SCREEN GRABS The 35th Annual...