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Friday, January 28, 2022

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Tagged with: Tenderloin

Why SF needs to implement the homeless CART team—now

A community-based alternative response for homeless people —instead of the cops—is an inexpensive and better idea than the mayor's Tenderloin plan.

Reforming the recall—and the mayor’s power to appoint elected officials

Plus: What's going on with Mental Health SF, and is CPMC helping with the public-health crisis in the Tenderloin?

22 of our biggest stories in 2021

In a tumultuous year, we covered climate crises, anti-Asian violence, right-wing attacks—and told you where to get Frank Sinatra's favorite cheesecake, too.

Breed’s office denies reality in hearing on Tenderloin state of emergency

There's not much available housing. There's not enough medical care. And the mayor's staff denies that the city even does homeless sweeps. Oh: But the cops are making more busts.

Supes may take another look at Breed’s Tenderloin State of Emergency

Peskin wants another hearing—and there are so, so many questions that still need to be answered.

Under the Stars: Can’t stop the music with Pamela Z, The Residents, Sis, more

A look back at a tumultuous year—and ahead to some great releases, plus a book from Bay legends.

Mayor’s ‘plan’ for Tenderloin finally released—such as it is

Critics say the plan is vague, offers no real solutions, and relies on the cops and DPW.

The real, ongoing states of emergency for people who are in poverty

Temporary shelter beds and jails don't give people a place to live.

Legendary DJ Mark Farina swings in for New Year’s, plus sparkling at-home options

House Music Royalty lights up Public Works—we catch up with the groove master, and cover you in-house, too.

Elections of next six months will be referendum on Mayor Breed’s policies

She's not on the ballot until 2023—but candidates and ballot measures will test whether the voters think Breed is leading the city in the right direction.