Stories about Trump

A real answer to the mayor’s (latest) bogus housing plan

Community groups figure out how to increase density and affordability -- without displacement

Liberals — except when it comes home

All of these good Democrats and policy folks like Paul Krugman lose their progressive credentials when it comes to what's happening in cities

The Panama Papers and SF’s housing crisis

Dirty money, laundered offshore, is fueling the boom in luxury real estate in US cities. How many SF condos are owned by crooks and despots?

Make America great again

LETTER FROM MEXICO: A heated election season in the United States raises hackles in other American countries, starting with the definition of "America."

The Agenda, March 21-27, 2008: A homeless emergency, mayoral vetoes ….

... justice for Mario Woods, and how the TPP would hurt journalism.

Punching up

All-female line-up takes over Punch Line Comedy Club for Women's History Month.

Pussy Riot, unmasked

At the Warfield, the famous anti-Putin punk provocateurs had an awkward, but still inspiring, night.

Chaos isn’t “change”

Cities always change -- but is the private market the only factor that matters?

Supes reject anti-immigrant measure

Pro-Sanctuary-City law passes unanimously after "reactionary" alternative is tabled, 6-5, with Sup. Christensen voting to keep it alive By Tim Redmond OCTOBER 20, 2015 -- The...

The Agenda: Showdowns over evictions ….

... and a giant project at Fifth and Mission.  By Tim Redmond SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 – Tenants flooded City Hall again last week, reminding the mayor...