Stories about Vacant Housing

More housing. Higher prices. That’s what a new city report shows

The agenda: Mayor Ed Lee's legacy is reflected in part in a Planning Department report that shows the city is building lots of market-rate housing -- and prices are not coming down

Can we actually solve homelessness?

Sure -- but we have to seriously rethink our housing, economic development, and planning policies. Oh, and raise taxes on the billionaires. Why are we not talking about this?

Would a simple tax create 30,000 new housing units in SF?

Taxing vacant housing units in SF would bring in $63 million -- and help put more housing on the market right now

Why SF’s City Planning Department doesn’t get it

The Mission District and the SF of the future that planners are endorsing is not what San Franciscans want. Spirit matters

What’s up for 2015 in SF? Well, sharing ….

By Tim Redmond JANUARY 5, 2014 – It’s all going to be about sharing in 2015. That’s what the Mayor’s Office is saying. But the...

Mayor says he’s “open” to a tax on vacant housing

By Tim Redmond DECEMBER 17, 2014 – Mayor Ed Lee said yesterday that he was “open” to the concept of a tax on vacant residential...

City Beat: Dissecting the mayor’s interview on KQED. Plus: Ammiano Clean Energy bill moves forward — and why does...

By Tim Redmond APRIL 21, 2014 -- Mayor Ed Lee didn't really say anything new on KQED's Forum this morning, but he gave a few...