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Run for justice: Event raises money for Alex Nieto memorial

But there's still a long way to go -- here's how you can donate

Supes approve memorial for Alex Nieto

POA position rejected; Bill Ong Hing becomes next Police Commission member

Cop who shot Alex Nieto involved in another shooting

SFPD identifies officers who shot a suspect who they say was fleeing after an officer was shot

Did one of the cops who killed Alex Nieto post a really horrible comment on Facebook?

Sometimes, you just don't gloat about victory, particularly when you have killed someone

While cops pass notes and look away, Alex Nieto’s mom talks of the death of her son

The city continues to fall into a deeper and deeper hole as the Nieto trial continues

The Agenda, Feb. 29-March 6: The Alex Nieto trial, affordable housing ….

.... and when do kids become adults? We look at the week ahead

Cops who killed Alex Nieto guilty in “people’s trial”

There will be no formal charges, since the district attorney cleared the four officers. But a street theater protest determined otherwise By Lisa Geduldig MARCH 25,...

Listen to the gunshots that killed Alex Nieto — the sound file is here

By Tim Redmond I now have the sound file of the police shooting of Alejandro Nieto. You can listen yourself and see what you hear...

The tragedy of the Nieto verdict

A mostly white, suburban jury helped create even more mistrust between the SFPD and the community

59 shots: Closing arguments in the Nieto case

After emotional appeals and a review of the evidence, the case heads to the jury