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Uncategorized The Tom and Tim Show: DCCC shenanigans, Nebraska embarrasses...

The Tom and Tim Show: DCCC shenanigans, Nebraska embarrasses Jerry Brown … and is Gav really a bust?


We comment on the news of the week (and ask what Senator Feinstein has been smoking)


Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.


  1. and I”m sayin’ who wants to live in Alemany? Its cold, its windy and its a hill away from the core of the City.

    One thing to be said about the Mission, Dogpatch, Hayes Valley, Western Addition and Civic Center is that its flat, mostly sunny and close.

    Is there space in all those places? Can growth occur respectful of whats already there? I would posit that that’s possible. Do you think otherwise?

  2. If you want to grow the population in San Francisco, you have to realize that all the development can’t happen in a few neighborhoods. Just as the idea of growing the population needs to be a regional, multi-county effort, in San Francisco it needs to be spread out. And seriously, Alemany is just a hop away from the Mission. It’s not in South San Francisco.

  3. I care about San Francisco and San Franciscans. All you care about is your idiotic political agenda.

  4. I agree that most of the city has an abysmal public transit infrastructure. But, I live in the Mission and I’m shocked at how many underutilized and unused sites there are. The Mission is ripe for infill. And, I don’t want people displaced either. But sites like 16th and Mission, 23rd and Folsom and 22nd and Harrison, to name a few, don’t displace anyone and are still being protested. We can’t hold our breath waiting for SF to completely revamp transit when thousands are moving here now.

  5. Many of us support gentrification precisely because this angry, vicious rabble need to find another place to act out their immaturity.

    Oakland would fit them better.

  6. The intimidation at the DCCC meeting is not that shocking to me. The Mission has long been plagued by violence and crime. Though it has gotten better in the last year or so as new people have moved in.

  7. And Alemany is chilly and depressing to boot. Thats why the Mission, Hayes Valley and Hunters Point are targets of development.

  8. Interesting. Why? San Francisco Planning seems like a land-use bottleneck, not an anything-goes frontier.

  9. “What’s the evidence for a bubble?”

    Companies still living off of VC or other funds. For example, Twitter has yet to make a profit. The last time I checked, they were spending $1.50 for each $1 in revenue.

  10. The suburbs already provide homes for a half million people who work in SF. Why shouldn’t SF bear some of the additional load as well?

    There is nothing special about SF.

  11. “So in other words you want nothing to change in SF and to export everything you don’t like some place else?”

    WTF are you blathering about? I’m talking about urban planning at a macro level. And I like the Alemany corridor but it seems very underutilized and ripe for development.

    And advocating for the population of SF to almost double to 1.5 million is hardly wanting “nothing to change.”

    Grow up.

  12. So in other words you want nothing to change in SF and to export everything you don’t like some place else?

    SF exceptionalism at its most regressive

  13. If I were looking at creating a master plan, I wouldn’t begin with development in the Mission. I’d create the transportation infrastructure to go to a somewhat outlying area that is cheaper (but not too far out – something like the Alemany corridor), and then create a positive fiscal environment to motivate development of the area and let the infill development to the Mission take place over 10-20 years. And I would also severely penalize projects that displace existing residents, or flipping this, provide incentives to keep existing residents in the area and enhance quality of life.

  14. Tim, your analogy with Wiener’s “moratorium” in Corona Heights is not valid.

    All Wiener’s amendment does is force new homes that are more than 3,000 square feet to go through an additional planning phase (Conditional Use). Very few individual homes in the Mission over 3,000 square feet get built anyway.

    Moreover Corona Heights has very narrow streets, small blocks and difficult elevations and cannot take scale in the way that the large blocks and flat topology of the Mission easily can.

    Those McMansions may still get built if they pass Planning, and anything under that size is unaffected. So it really is nothing like what Campos is proposing and, moreover, calling it a “moratorium” is very dishonest.

  15. Yes, SF is too small and dependant to do its own planning. Doing it by neighborhood makes even less sense.

    Housing and transport should be done across the nine counties of the real city – the Bay Area. SF is just its downtown.

  16. Are you saying that the DCCC person who claims the assault was lying? Motive?

    Were you there?

  17. It’s true. We have had a de facto moratorium in SF for several decades now. And it hasn’t worked. So why would anyone think that more of the same would have a different outcome?

  18. Maybe the vote was that close because of the intimidation. Given that the vote wasn’t binding, some members might have seen little reason to court risk and derision, and ducked.

    But it serves to show the intolerance of many progressives.

  19. It’s nearly impossible to build in the Mission right now. You really need an iron constitution to even build a modest building. You need to make it through the years of protests, intimidation, NIMBY delays etc. It’s almost as if we have a moratorium already.

  20. That’s why a lot of people don’t go to these meetings. You get shouted at, intimidated and apparently assaulted by overly zealous activists. You’re seen as the enemy if you have a differing opinion. I still can’t believe the vote was so close. Scary, really.

  21. That robust plan sounds good, though I’d modify it to make it regional. San Francisco doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

    The MSCI World Tech has a 1.5% yield and 20 PE. Those are extended numbers, and suggest lower future returns. They are not the 50+ PEs of 2000. What’s the evidence for a bubble?

    What’s 2 degrees from the Wild West, city planning?

  22. And if there wasn’t a tech bubble, what would San Francisco look like on that chart?

    Also, while we can build up, many cities on that list can build out. We have a grid of narrow streets that limit building tall buildings – or allow tall buildings but decreases the quality of life – sun, air, an already-taxed infrastructure, etc.

    I have consistently advocated SF leaders to determine an optimal population (which I’m guessing could be 1.5 million) and then develop a robust plan for reaching that goal, a plan that prioritizes building the infrastructure to support that population FIRST.

    What we have now is 2 degrees from being the Wild West and sometimes I believe it is intentionally so to make a few people a lot of money.

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