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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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News + PoliticsNasty, misogynistic vandals hit Ronen campaign office

Nasty, misogynistic vandals hit Ronen campaign office

Someone who claims to be a Josh Arce supporter spreading a message of hate

Unknown vandals defaced the door of District 9 supe candidate Hillary Ronen last night with an alarmingly misogynist message posted by an apparent supporter of her opponent, Josh Arce.

Hillary Ronen and her campaign staff paint out misogynist graffiti
Hillary Ronen and her campaign staff paint out misogynist graffiti.


The message – “VOTE ARCE YA CUNTS” – is obviously crude and sexist, and Arce was quick to issue a statement on Facebook denouncing it.

But it does suggest that some of the people who call themselves his supporters are pretty nasty folks.

Ronen told me that “me and my all-female staff are not going to back down to these bullies. All of us are sick of the divisive rhetoric.”

Arce posted a note on Facebook saying he “would never stand by or condone when someone, who claims to support me, uses hateful language and defaces private property.”

There’s a pentagram in a circle above the hate message, but that, Ronen said, appeared the day before and may have nothing to do with the “Vote Arce” graffiti.

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.
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  1. The fact of the matter is that Ronen is a strong woman and some men have a problem with that. I am supporting Ronen all the way.

  2. Him in his silly bow tie, always in the background. Like a twisted anti-matter Tucker Carlson, if Carlson was a failed local supervisor whose polices have destroyed a vibrant neighborhood, both once on the rise.

    I have to say, in any other universe, Ronen would be a good candidate, but after 8 years of David Campos, I don’t want to get anywhere near anyone he has touched, much less endorsed. He has failed our neighborhood.

  3. Wow, victim blaming; where did that come from !? The “helped provide a reason for it” comment only referred to the public response – that was meant to suggest that there’s no reason to give the perp any understanding and hadn’t the slightest to do with suggesting anything about blaming the victim . This is some crazy shit…

  4. Wow, a bunch of men questioning whether or not a woman brought a sexist hate crime against herself. Sounds all too familiar. Do you also find yourselves questioning whether victims of sexual assault “helped provide a reason for it”?

    Since victim-blaming is your thing, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that you’d also shame her for proudly elevating young women over men. Oh, right, totally forgot reverse sexism is a real thing!

  5. False flag certainly comes to mind. This act was so despicable that it makes Arce look bad, if anything. But in the end I don’t think it was. There’s really no purpose in it, because she’s going to win in a walk. I think it was an act by some random idiot.

    Interesting they denounced the misogynist but not the Satanist graffiti.

  6. I immediately thought this was what you called a “false flag” event — thank you for saying it much more clearly than I could have.

  7. The “all-female” bragging is exclusivity; not really what is expected in a ‘modern’ political context. Most pols like to exhibit the fact that they can work with many different types – as it speaks to their ability to represent “all people” in their constituency. Apparently Hillary doesn’t feel that need. She may end up the winner; but, screw her and that attitude – from a front-runner no less.

    I don’t know much about the campaigning in D9. But there is an outside possibility that this was a ‘false flag’ type of event; internally processed to paint their candidate as ‘under attack’ by Evil forces. I hope not. Hopefully it was just part of the sick street behavior that seems to be everywhere – of every stripe – in SF these days.

    May she stay safe, as we’d all like to be.

  8. Gee, don’t they want a man around to protect them… Sorry couldn’t resist. I get your point but I still think Greg made a good point. Even if she hired her staff preferentially in response to having to live in a patriarchal society, which seems totally fine to me, I think her response would have been more powerful if she just let that act of miscreant misogyny stand on it’s own without helping to provide a reason (twisted it seems to have been) for it.

  9. I like Hillary (Ronen, at least). I’d probably contribute to her campaign if she was actually in any danger of losing. And this attack is despicable. But does she really have to point out that her staff is all-female? Is that something to be proud of? I mean, it’s fine and all. All male, all female, whatever. If that’s who applied and that’s who she feels is best to run her campaign, I have no problem with however it shakes out. But would someone be pointing out if they had an all male staff?

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