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Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Home Featured The Tom and Tim Show: Will Ed Lee fight the Trump Agenda?

The Tom and Tim Show: Will Ed Lee fight the Trump Agenda?

Plus some good news from the School Board, a new police chief, and the new Milk Club presidents ... we talk about the week -- with new sound effects!


  1. The problem is that the SFUSD and Mayor are not speaking on what will become of the site (if its going to be flipped to a 800 Brotherhood Way type development without adequate transit improvements in place), and the other big concern is shoveling it all downtown in a very dense urban area, with already overwhelmed development occurring at Market/Van Ness as a tech-hub, without increase capacity in the transit systems. (Van Ness BRT wont help over 5-8000 more people from parkmerced, sota, and other developments get downtown…) needs more thought,

  2. I don’t think that SOTA site was ever right for a school, but it has served several schools, and the sports, and arts facilities are still superior to what other public schools have available, and the faults go doubly so for housing. I could see it as a good site for Veterans hospital, or moving Juvenile Hall instead.

  3. Agree with Ammiano, where’s the next SRO to be built, or supportive 100% project in SF.

    Perhaps the SOTA site move opens the site to redevelopment for 100% affordable vs another 800 brotherhood way…..Let’s require it….

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