MUSIC I was just watching the iconic 1985 video of the Damned’s performance of “Eloise” on Top of the Pops—how on earth did David Vartanian keep those skin-tight white jeans pee-stain free?—when the word came down: The iconic 1970s punk band turned ’80s goth-pop heroes (and soft-synth political romantics) are headlining our best and most Oakland-y rock fest, Burger Boogaloo, June 30 and July 1 at Mosswood Park.

They’ll be joined by beloved oddballs Devo at the top of the bill, perfectly expanding Boogaloo’s template of death-rockabilly/subterranean-soul, and weird enough to climax a fest hosted by John Waters. And they’ll be complemented by on-brand Boogaloo acts The Mummies, Hunx And His Punx, Mudhoney, Dwarves, The Dickies, Le Shok,and many more, as well as awesome outliers like Quintron and Francis Lau. 

(Quick sidetone: Seeing Devo perform randomly one workday afternoon in front of SF City Hall, as leader Mark Mothersbaugh inveighed against the Bush Administration, was one of the few amazing political protest memories I retain of those dark, tacky years.) 

Tickets go on sale Wed/7, you can find more info here

PS The Mummies are the best. 

PPS Read this amazing Bay Guardian interview with Ronnie Spector, who headlined Burger Boogaloo in 2014, which is sill considered “peak Boogaloo.” (And here’s a review of that one).