Wednesday results: Not much has changed

Turnout is going to be much higher than it appeared; progressives still have (mostly) run the table.

I’ve been seeing a lot of social media comments about low turnout in the primary in San Francisco. That’s understandable – the early returns suggested that only about 30 percent of the voters went to the polls.

Winning Social Justice Democrats celebrate a major progressive sweep.

But this is San Francisco, and the vote-by-mail trend is not dominant, and a lot of people waited until the last minute to vote. So turnout is going to be much higher, well about 50 percent, when the Department of Elections finishes processing 112,000 ballots that were dropped off at polling places on Election Day, postmarked on Election Day, or were provisionals.

Every day at 4pm, we will get an update.

Today’s numbers pretty much confirm what we concluded last night: The progressives mostly ran the table in local races.

The two public defenders running for judge clearly have won; the 35,000 additional votes counted today changed nothing. Carolyn Gold, a career tenant lawyer, and Rani Singh, a former prosecutor, are now in a virtual tie, and the VBM ballots seem to be favoring Singh. So that one’s up in the air.

But the DCCC is done, and the progressives have won a dominant victory. Prop. E is clearly going to win. The VBM ballots have not diminished the lead of Prop. D, which looks to be winning more than the two-thirds it needs.

We will keep you posted every day.