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Monday, April 22, 2024

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Arts + CultureCultureMake this: La Palma snack wrap

Make this: La Palma snack wrap

A TikTok-inspired video recipe honoring the 68-year-old Mexicatessen.

Not all TikTok food trends are exactly worth emulating, but the app has recently popularized a simple “hack” for tortillas to make multi-layered snack wraps that is basically a game-changer. Since 1953, San Francisco’s best tortillas have been made by La Palma on 24th Street, where both foot traffic and business are drastically down due to the pandemic, and if you’re never treated yourself to a trip there for a hot meal to go or just a pack of tortillas, now is an ideal time to show some support to this family-owned business by picking up some ingredients to make our super easy La Palma Snack Wrap.

Please listen to the La Palma Snack Wrap video with the sound on — especially if you have a soft spot for boy bands — and check out the easy recipe below.


1 La Palma flour tortilla

1 spoonful of La Palma chicharrón molido (ground pork)

1 spoonful of La Palma picante salsa

3 La Palma corn chips, crushed into chunks

¼ cup of queso fresco, crumbled

Using a pizza cutter, make one cut in the middle of the tortilla that stops in the center. Place one filling in each tortilla quadrant, being careful not to overfill. Fold left top flap over the bottom left quadrant, then fold over lower right quadrant and top right quadrant.

In a pan over medium heat, place the wrap with the seam side down and cook for 40-60 seconds per side until brown. Cut in half with a pizza cutter (which is the recommended method if you’re going to dip the wrap into more salsa) or just go in on it whole!

Taste more food stories from Tamara Palmer at www.californiaeating.com.

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