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Thursday, December 1, 2022

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News + PoliticsElectionsElection updates: SF ballot measures

Election updates: SF ballot measures

Updates throughout the evening on the parties and returns for local initiatives


48hills election coverage team: Nia Bossier, Phebe Bridges, William Buckerfield, Serena Finney, Cholasith (Poom) Likitpurkpaisan, Sophia McCrackin, Roman McDonough, Gabriella Rizzo, Nia Robinson, Caitlin Ryan.

See Tim Redmond’s summary of the election night here.

UPDATE 10:15PM BOTH PROP D AND PROP E ARE LOSING Competing ballot measures on how to streamline affordable housing production—D by the YIMBYs and E from Supervisor Connie Chan—are losing currently, although D by just a little more than 100 votes (compared to E losing by almost 15,000 so far).

UPDATE 9:48 DEAN PRESTON SPEAKS AT PROP H, M, O PARTY At Peacock Lounge, there are now around 60 people, young and mostly white, outspoken about their political engagement. Dean Preston takes the stage again. “What was predicted for these [propositions] was that cynical voters hate any populist ideas… you called so many damn people so many damn times (people cheering), and the response was positive. Imagine the year is 2024 and someone is running for mayor who is actually responsive to 80% of San Francisco. Imagine that.”

In reference to Prop O, the City College parcel tax which is currently losing, Preston said, “These are tough results for us but we also know we are not going to let this continue at City College. I’m so fucking proud of you guys.” 

“Prop H [the election year change initiative] was called a supreme socialist power grab,” Preston said. “I’m reclaiming the slogan from the Mayor. She told some realtors that her top priority was to defeat Prop H. She framed it as a choice between democratic socialism and Mayor London Breed. And it looks like the voters chose.”   


It appears that the attempt to overturn the closure of JFK Drive and the Great Highway has failed overwhelmingly. Prop. O, the critical City College tax, is losing. The empty units tax is very close.


About 26% of the votes have been counted. Someone made an announcement of the first results, M is at 52%, people cheered. Prop O is at 34% and people booed. H is at 70% and people got really excited. The announcer said, “the struggle fucking continues after tonight!” 

A speaker for the Democratic Socialists of America said in reference to the teachers union, “we won’t stop fighting with you until the dream of a people’s college is realized.”

Dean Preston speaks at Peacock Lounge. Photo by Phebe Bridges


At 8:20 the Peacock Lounge at 552 Haight is fairly empty so far for the party awaiting the returns on Props H (election year changes), M (vacant apartment tax), and O (City College parcel tax), the initiatives championed by District 5 Supervisor Dean Preston. The location is decorated with a lot of streamers, disco balls and balloons. There are two rooms: one with a bar and the other filled with music and a stage. A crowd of people are gathering outside. 

Attendee Susan Boeckmann. Photo by Phebe Bridge

Attendee Susan Boeckmann said, “I’m supporting Prop O, but obviously the people with Prop O are working closely with Prop M, so I’m kind of supporting them as well!” Boeckmann came with a group of people she has been volunteering with at SCIU doing phone banking. She said, “it’s kind of rare for SCIU and AFT to be working so closely on something, and I think that’s amazing. Prop O was made by the two unions together.” 

At 8:46 someone abruptly shouted, “Fuck yeah! 52%!” After a second of silence, everyone began celebrating. The small crowd clapped, cheered and hugged.  

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