Stories about 99 Percent

Facebook money and California housing

How Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are funding a shadow government that’s shaping California and Bay Area housing policy

Large, enthusiastic crowd welcomes Bernie Sanders to San Francisco

Senator says it's pretty clear he is going to win California.

The socialists aren’t leaving the Democratic Party

Sorry, Willie Brown: The Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party is here to stay.

Yes (on affordable housing) In My Back Yard!

I would be thrilled to see 200,000 new units of affordable social housing in the city. Just not more housing for the rich --because it's not about density, it's about displacement

Why Ed Lee’s policies are wrong — and unpopular

The mayor is invisible in this election -- because the voters have made it clear they think he has failed the city

John Ross book puts the rebel back in reporting

A how-to manual for people who want to change the culture of news media

There was never an “anti-tech” movement in SF

The protests aren't about technology -- they're about displacement, economic inequality, and bad corporate behavior. And they are part of a long political legacy By...

The Agenda, Feb. 16-23

Airbnb's taxes, ballot initiatives, why are city officials not telling us who they are meeting with, ethics reform, and spaghetti for the 99 percent By...

BART 14, allies call for charges to be dropped

Attorney for protesters argues that they were charged under a law that's vague and unconstitutional By Tim Redmond FEBRUARY 4, 2015 – A large and upbeat...