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Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Tagged with: Caltrans

The indigenous struggle to save trees — and sacred spaces — in Humboldt

Between the timber companies and state agencies, so much devastation.

California could vastly expand affordable broadband — if the Legislature acts now

Gov. Newsom has asked for money for expanding accessible Internet service all over the state. The Legislature is stalling.

Caltrans evicts rent-paying tenants from mostly empty parking lot

People living in vehicles tossed from under a downtown freeway despite possible legal rights of tenancy.

Can people paying rent for a parking space be evicted for living in cars?

Caltrans is about to try to remove people from a lot under I-80.

‘Throwing us out like garbage’

SIP hotel residents say the city's not living up to its promises -- and contracts.

The virus of poverty

I was born into a deadly Virus No it wasn’t in the time of MERS, Ebola or Osiris -  It was a disease that kills- that...

Caltrans agrees to pay $2 million for destroying homeless people’s property

In a civil rights victory, Caltrans will pay $2 million for destroying homeless people’s property and will change procedures around homeless encampment evictions on...

Swept to death

“We know Caltrans has two trucks, one for the stuff they think they can sell, one for the stuff they throw away,” said Rosa...

For unhoused people, every day is an emergency

“We can’t take all that shit with us in this one hefty bag…” “But mama, this is my favorite pair of jeans.” “I don’t give a...

An open letter to Marc Benioff about homelessness

Dear Marc Benioff: A few months ago you announced the launch of a $30 million study of homelessness: Benioff Homelessness and Housing initiative . As you launch...