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Review: ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ has powerhouse vocals, timely resonance

Bay Area Musicals' latest production is full of verve and tragic parallels to today—even if the songs aren't quite hummable.

Chilean feminists take over 14 university campuses in response to accusations of sexual assault

Radical currents sweep the country—could they bring long-awaited justice for Chilean women? A report from Santiago.

Is Vasco Núñez de Balboa a role model for our children?

An SF school and street are named after a slave-trading conquistador who helped wipe out a native population

Dignity Health sued for refusing care to a transgender patient

"I am coming forward because I don't want this to happen to anyone else"

Straight man bends: How the AIDS Lifecycle Ride changed me

A straight guy finds his beliefs tested on the road with the gays

The case against Junipero Serra

Native Americans and their allies meet to discuss the disaster of making a colonizing killer into a saint By Tiny  AUGUST 18, 2015 -- The screams...

The Tom and Tim Show: Scandal-sheet journalism

Plus: Affordable housing, PG&E -- and why is the Catholic Church ducking the immigration issues in SF?  

The Tom and Tim Show: Airbnb politics, who’s running for what — and does the Pope read the Chronicle?

We talk about the news, the gossip -- and why the Catholic Church protest is really about money  

‘Tartuffe’ storms Berkeley Rep, frock coats awhirl

Hyper-stylish staging -- those costumes! That set! -- and sharp acting make for a blasphemously sexy evening.   By Marke B.  BAY STAGES Despite torturing the homeless, interfering with...

The Tom and Tim Show! Live from Bernal Heights, where the rent hikes are insane!

We discuss rent increases, problem cops, the Catholic Church's new approach to baptism ... and much more.