Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tag: Cats

Everything played: Cue the 20th anniversary re-release of J Dilla’s ‘Welcome 2 Detroit’

The wizard producer changed hip-hop several times over before his early death, and we're all still catching up.

Old Boys’ Club freewheels through folklore and myth

Responding to religious terrorism, the French artist's 'Syncretism' highlights global traditions of love and peace

New Music: Nappy Nina, Lunchbox, Balkan Bump, more great artists to support

Bandcamp Day picks: Peppy indie, scrappy rap, Turkish trumpet, experimental oboe... oh, and a side of Hi-NRG techno.

Local Listen: Sounds for your next Bay Area beat session

From party crew As You Like It's new label to Mix Master Mike and Steve Jordan's expansive 'Beat Odyssey 2020,' our new local music column turns on to the musical wealth in our midst.

A free fridge opens in the Mission

Days before Mayor London Breed declared the shelter-in-place order back in March, Gabriela Alemán was already trying to figure out how her older neighbors could get food without exposing...

A brief history of replacing Trump with kittens

Picture in your mind’s eye a bug-eyed, enigma-faced kitten at peace, chilling in its home, it’s cheek tufts spreading wantonly. I hate to do this to you, but now...

Screen Grabs: Revisit the glitzy disaster of ‘Showgirls’

During a week in which a nation-shaking epidemic shutdown has managed to become a concern secondary to curfews, social chaos, and military-dictatorship-type responses to protests against police violence…which public...

Out of the crate: 6 vinyl re-issues that are pretty damn dope

Before everybody got stuck in the house with their family—spouses, housemates, cats, dogs, hamsters, and rando dude on couch—and became thankful for all the weird food at hand and...

Screen Grabs: New flicks (yes, they still exist)

As a change of pace from our recent columns compiling lists of choice home-viewing items from the celluloid past, this week we’ll take a look at some brand-new movies...

What we saw at Sundance, Part 2: A side-trip to Slamdance

Culling through the forty features viewed at both the Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals last week has been as much fun as watching them in the first place. Here...