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Saturday, May 27, 2023

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Tagged with: Fossil Fuels

Students demand that teacher pension fund revoke fossil fuel investments

CalSTRS holds $6 billion in fossil-fuel company stock, and the next generation wants to see a dramatic change.

Dear politicians: Do your homework on climate change—now

The standard against which we are judging our actions will lead to the planet being uninhabitable, possibly for me, and almost certainly for my children.

Plans for a public bank could take a big step forward this week

Plus: More taxpayer money going to settle police misconduct cases. That's The Agenda for May 31 to June 6.

Why Richmond said No to coal

On Tuesday, January 14, to the delight of environmentalists and health advocates and the consternation of the coal industry, the Richmond City Council passed...

SF could have a public bank by 2020

San Francisco is moving closer to having its own public bank. Today, Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, alongside the San Francisco Public Bank Coalition, gathered on...

As the fires rage and the blackouts continue, Newsom ducks

Gov. Gavin Newsom is sounding all harsh and tough toward PG&E as Northern California burns out of control again and the blackouts continue. At a...

The problem with the Blue Angels

Editor’s note: The news media in San Francisco are all agog about the Blue Angels – as they always are, every year. The main...

As Amazon burns, Democratic leaders deny climate-change debate

As the Amazon rainforest blazed into blackening skies in Brazil, further intensifying the climate crisis, activists’ months-long push for a Democratic Party presidential debate...

50 years later, the lessons of the Santa Barbara oil spill

Fifty years ago this weekend, there wasn’t anything you could call an environmental movement in the United States. There were a few signs, in January...

Protesters call for public control of PG&E — and it makes such perfect sense

Activists shut down another hearing of the California Public Utilities Commission today, just after Pacific Gas and Electric Co. tried to head off bankruptcy...