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Sunday, April 14, 2024

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Tagged with: I-Hotel

The local record and legacy of Dianne Feinstein

Let's celebrate her accomplishments. But there's another story that needs to be told. I was there.

SF’s radical Asian American legacy shines in ‘Dreaming People’s History’

Images from the International Hotel struggle to the post-George Floyd resistance educate while they inspire.

SFAI faculty member Carlos Villa’s hybrid legacy honored in two shows

Luscious cloaks and tributes to SoMa's I-Hotel assert mystical pageantry of unsung histories.

Letters to the Editor: Remembering Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Remembrances of the late literary lion from writers David Talbot, Tony Robles, and Eric Sneathen

Arthur, Arthur!

I was on Muni heading to my high school reunion. As an author, memory is crucial to my craft. Much of high school I...

Hearing on Wiener housing bill points to the roots of this crisis

Most of the time, when San Francisco supervisors ask the board to weigh in on a state or federal issue, it’s just an agenda...

How to save a very cool bookstore

The banks of the Seine, the tree-lined paths of Madrid's Retiro park, the side streets of Izmir, the markets of Fez ... and San...

Who let the I-Hotel fall?

I’m glad the Chron weighed in, however briefly, on the commemoration of the I-Hotel evictions, although the editorial the paper ran was embarrassing:  San Francisco...

Long live the I-Hotel

Last year, SFGate posted a video segment called "This forgotten date in San Francisco history." The date in focus was August 4, 1977. The...