Stories about Manilatown

‘Take back our lives:’ The words of poverty scholars

A new book is a declaration of emergency and a guide book to regaining our bodies, spirits, hearts and minds.

Arthur, Arthur!

Reflections on a punch bowl, my Washington High School reunion -- and what it means to be an "Arthur"

Who let the I-Hotel fall?

Dianne Feinstein played a key role in letting a speculator tear down the building and leave it as a hole in the wall for more than two decades

Long live the I-Hotel

Let's not forget the struggle that shaped SF's housing battles four decades ago

The Agenda: Remembering the I-Hotel

A commemoration of an eviction that changed San Francisco

Supes oppose displacement — then approve displacement

After voting for a measure to give neighborhood preference in affordable housing, board votes for giant development that neighborhood opposes By Tim Redmond The Board of...

The supersizing of Soma

Massive Fifth and Mission project could lead to massive displacement. Does the Chronicle remember the I-Hotel?  By Tony Robles SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 -- August 4th marked...

The Mission moratorium goes down, narrowly — but the fight has only begun

Hundreds and hundreds of Mission residents and community activists demonstrate the massive anger over displacement -- and some folks at City Hall didn't listen....

The culture of deletion

A native San Franciscan talks about the loss of the city he knew Editor’s note: We’ve been writing a lot about the tech invasion lately,...

The Ellis Act, elder abuse, and a trip to the DA’s Office

By Tiny, aka Lisa Gray-Garcia FEB. 11, 2014 -- On Wednesday, Feb 5, citing California Penal Code Section 368, we -- the evicted,...