Stories about Market Street

SFPD manages not to kill armed suspect

Non-lethal options show that five other people shot and killed could have been alive today

SF responds to Orlando horror with dignity, resolve, and numbers

More than 5,000 take to the streets to defy homophobia and violence
Protestors and police face off

SFPD’s Rap Sheet: More than 25 scandals since 2015

The recent shootings are not the only problem with SFPD. Check out our interactive investigation of a year of scandals

Day XIII: Ed Lee hides as 700 protesters march to City Hall

A locked door meets five people in wheelchairs; Lee's staff can't answer questions about police accountability

Nimbys, SFBARF, and a clueless writer at the NY Times

Can the reporters who take on housing in San Francisco please take the time to understand some basic facts?

The Agenda, March 28-April 3, 2016: Why developers can’t cry poverty

Measure to increase affordable housing heads for first challenge

Yes, gentrification will hit the Tenderloin

Market forces are too powerful, and no neighborhood in San Francisco is safe

The Super Bowl’s bread and circuses did not bring SF together

It takes more than free music and fireworks to build civic unity

The NFL Paranoia Experience

As the city goes overboard to protect the NFL brand, fear is winning, right here on Howard St.

Super Bowl City is utterly stupid and boring

The city is paying $5 million for this sterile corporate theme park? Even the tourists are getting ripped off.