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The (final) Doormat Division: Moldy Carpet Award goes to …

Wrapping up the worst teams in the worst sports league ever.

The Doormat Division: It stinks in the Bay Area

Everything is wrong with our local teams in the worst professional sports league ever.

Doormat Division, Week 16: Garoppoloco and the wrong-way Whiners

Browns teetering on history. Bucs rocket into second. Toxic in Texas. Raiders ... oh, dear. AFC-NFC losing imbalance! We look at the worst of the worst

The Doormat Division: 0-for-Niners!

Check out the worst teams in the worst league ever -- and it starts right here at home (more or less).

The Doormat Division, midseason: TWO 0-8 teams!

The worst teams in the worst league ever: welcome, Niners and Browns

The Doormat Division: The worst of the NFL

Our NFL correspondent reports on the absolutely worst football in the absolutely worst sports league in the nation

The SF police union is embarrassing itself and losing its clout

More and more politicians are running away from the SFPOA endorsement, and for very good reason

Kaboom! The plan to blow up Candlestick — and the health impacts on the neighborhood

By Tim Redmond JANUARY 7, 2015 – Stand outside of Shirley Moore’s front door and you can see Candlestick Park – easily. The empty stadium...

Tom’s Town: Go Warriors — and a privately financed arena

By Tom Temprano San Francisco is inarguably a baseball and football town. As a basketball fan (albeit also a Giants and Niners guy), I get...

Tom’s Town: Pass the Pipe, Ed

By Tom Temprano Mayor Ed Lee and his Department of Public Health have been exercising poor etiquette in their refusal to pass the pipe over...