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A new housing ‘compact’ looks a lot like a developer’s dream

Nonprofit leaders seeking consensus come up with a deal: Modest tenant protections in exchange for more market-rate housing and displacement.

Tenant Troubles: Do we have to sue to get our deposit back?

Actually, yes. Wishin' and hopin' (and some phone calls) won't get you anywhere.

Should Uber be shut down?

Harvard business professor says the real problem in the tech industry is a "contagious" culture of lawbreaking that society shouldn't tolerate

Why won’t SFMade support Prop. X?

SF's outspoken advocate for local manufacturing is on the wrong side on a measure that would save ... local manufacturing

Debunking the trickle-down housing fallacy

Before you decide that building more market-rate housing is the answer, check this out.

Protesters jam Police Commission meeting

Four hours of testimony challenges chief on Bayview shooting By Sara Bloomberg DECEMBER 10, 2015 -- Enough is enough. That was the rallying cry from the community...
48 Hills Party Radar

PARTY RADAR: Francesca Lombardo, Kafana Balkan, Maxxi Soundsystem, Dickslap, Steam, more

Choice dance floor and nightlife affairs -- plus a little after-hours gossip -- for Thu/27-Sun/30. By Marke B. PARTY RADAR First things first: Party Radar is going on a...

Major HIV success reported in SF — but what about the people who were kicked out?

As many as 20 percent of HIV-positive people have left SF in the past five years. Is the housing crisis skewing the numbers?   By...

Why would any SF politician want the endorsement of the Police Officers Association?

Given the SFPOA's recent track record, you have to wonder if the backing of that group is really something to be proud of By Tim...

Election night: It’s not over yet.

By Tim Redmond NOVEMBER 4, 2014 (midnight) – We can give Twitter a huge tax break. We can legalize Airbnb. But the administration of Mayor...