Stories about Prostitution

Supes want to crack down on massage businesses

Both therapeutic massage outlets and sex-worker advocates oppose measure by Sup. Katy Tang

Appeals court considers challenge to prostitution laws

Judge: 'Why should it be illegal to sell something that you can give away for free?'

Will the courts legalize sex work?

Appeal to liberal Ninth Circuit seeks to bring sex work under the privacy rules of the Constitution

Dem Party Chair Mary Jung’s sex-work hypocrisy

She rails against candidates who support decriminalization of sex work -- but ignores the fact that much of her own slate is in favor of decriminalization, too

Some Mother’s Daughter: Fighting the criminalization of sex workers

Event in SF discusses the connections between the "Grim Sleeper" serial murder case in LA and the lives of poor women, sex workers, and prisoners

Move to overturn prostitution laws advances, for now

Federal judge appears open to at least hearing arguments about the legitimacy of laws that ban paid sex work

Homeland Security: The new morals police?

Are we going back to the days when the cops raided queer clubs and harassed street queens? by Tommi Avicolli Mecca AUGSUST 31, 2015 -- “What...

Now watch this: our essential SFIFF58 guide, part 1

Mommy horror, obsolescent humans, anti-trafficking activism, and the latest from Jenni Olsen and Guy Madden at the SF International Film Fest. By Jesse Hawthorne Ficks SCREEN...

Lawsuit seeks to throw out laws against sex work

 Does the right to privacy include the right to have consensual sex -- for money? A federal court is going to get to decide By...

Could Richmond be a model for police reform?

By Brett Murphy Ed. Note: In the past decade, the police department in Richmond, Calif. has undergone a dramatic transformation. Spearheaded by an openly-gay and white...