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Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Tagged with: Tasers

The 54-year battle for People’s Park continues

The cops are back. Barricades are up. The unhoused are evicted. Cars are towed. UC doesn't care.

Death Row inmate who may be exonerated talks about his story

Kevin Cooper was three hours away from execution. Now he may be freed. He talks about racism, criminal justice, and his nearly 30-year fight to prove his innocence.

Screen Grabs: Black Film Festival lifts off—and other stratospheric releases

The best of the new, from the surveilling of surveillance in 'All Light, Everywhere' to 'Les Norte' and its discomfiting coming-of-age twists

Oakland leaders decry vindication for cop in Oscar Grant case

DA declines to charge second officer, leading to community outrage.

Cops get raises; city gets nothing

Two letters that purport to show the POA agreeing to reforms amount to 'a complete nothing,' critics say.

Supes to vote on cops contract — as new records show history of blocking reform

Documents reveal a stunning pattern of the POA trying to prevent reforms -- but a deal to give the cops raises with no concessions is still pending approval.

Supes panel rejects Breed’s Police Commission picks

With the ongoing outrage over police shootings as a backdrop, the Board of Supes Rules Committee today rejected two candidates Mayor London Breed had...

Sunshine panel demands action on Police Commission Taser vote

As Sunshine Task Force Chair Bruce Wolfe said the final “aye” at the April 3 meeting, community activist Magick Altman jumped from her seat...

Police commission defies Sunshine Task Force and refuses new vote on Tasers

“We were literally locked out of City Hall.” That’s how community activist Magick Altman described the November 3, 2017 San Francisco Police Commission vote to...

Supes reject Farrell’s final Police Commission nominee

The Board of Supes decided today to reject outgoing Mayor Mark Farrell’s move to renominate Joe Marshall to the Police Commission. Since Farrell’s previous...