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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Tagged with: Undocumented Immigrants

Opposition grows to Breed’s APEC boosterism—and the massive security plans

Small businesses, seniors, hotel workers, Soma residents say the billionaire party will hurt them badly.

Can immigration reform be part of Biden’s infrastructure plan?

Advocates call on Pelosi to push the measure -- but that will be a tough battle in this Congress.

Protesters arrested trying to stop evictions in San Jose

Courthouse blockade calls out judges for throwing people out of their homes in a pandemic.

Screen Grabs: A trek through world cinema to scratch your travel itch

New Brazilian Cinema series, The White Tiger, Mandabi, and films from rural Mexico to Poland, India, and Sudan

Screen Grabs: Heavy themes for heavy times

New movies: Social media manipulation, voter suppression, deportation, white nationalism... Oh, and Suzi Quatro!

DACA decision offers no real protection, rights groups warn

On Thursday, Free SF, a coalition of immigrants’ rights groups, warned that the Supreme Court’s rejection of Trump’s attempt to end DACA offers no...

SF measure would allow all residents to serve on commissions

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to put on the fall ballot a City Charter amendment that would allow all San Francisco...

ICE arrests at courthouse spur protests

“ICE is not welcome here! ICE is not welcome here!” The chant filled the air on Monday at a press conference arranged by immigrants’ rights...

Local musicians step up to ‘Blanket the Homeless’

When I spoke with storied music producer Scott Mickelson last month, San Francisco was in the midst of a nationally covered anti-homeless kerfuffle. Housed...

Responding to the ICE raids

The Trump Administration is going forward with plans for massive deportation raids this weekend – but the message I am getting from immigration lawyers...