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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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Opinion: San Franciscans know a lot about tech. That’s why they should vote No on E

Everything new is not good—and we can't trust SFPD with uncontrolled surveillance

Three of Breed’s police commissioners suddenly reverse on racist pretext stops

Bizarre excuses as commission votes 4-3 to limit traffic stops that have no public safety value

Jenkins says the solution to homelessness is to make the unhoused ‘uncomfortable’

DA also goes all in on blaming judges for the city's overdose problems.

Organized retail theft is not driving chain stores out of San Francisco

Even the retailers admit this. And yet, the media narrative endures.

Breed announces budget cuts as Dorsey plays the ‘cops tax’ card in campaign

The city has a $1 billion budget problem, and only a total tax overhaul will fix it.

The new War on Drugs isn’t working any better than the old one did ….

But Breed and Jenkins are pushing to make it worse. We have seen this before and it ended very badly.

The myth of drug cartels is a cover for state-sanctioned violence

Author Oswaldo Zavala says the way we think about Mexican narcos is all wrong

Banko Brown’s family sues Walgreens

Wrongful death claim comes as attorney general investigates potential flaws in Jenkins' decision to exonerate killer.

What justice for Banko Brown means

Banko has been gone three weeks. When I worked at the Young Women's Freedom Center, not hearing from a young person for three weeks was...

Public Defender calls on DA to drop charges in fire commissioner assault case

Video shows Don Carmignani, who calls homeless people 'animals,' firing bear spray at homeless man.

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