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Thursday, September 28, 2023

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The myth of drug cartels is a cover for state-sanctioned violence

Author Oswaldo Zavala says the way we think about Mexican narcos is all wrong

Banko Brown’s family sues Walgreens

Wrongful death claim comes as attorney general investigates potential flaws in Jenkins' decision to exonerate killer.

What justice for Banko Brown means

Banko has been gone three weeks. When I worked at the Young Women's Freedom Center, not hearing from a young person for three weeks was...

Public Defender calls on DA to drop charges in fire commissioner assault case

Video shows Don Carmignani, who calls homeless people 'animals,' firing bear spray at homeless man.

No, the closure of Whole Foods does not mean the city is headed for collapse

It just might mean that the market for a high-end specialty grocery disappeared with the tech industry abandoning mid-Market and new luxury housing foundering.

Police overtime money is going to protect high-end retail outlets in Union Square

Data shows 'safe shopper' program is at the top of the mayor's list; Preston offers an alternative approach to public safety.

A new attack on SF’s sanctuary laws makes no sense—except as a political tool

Immigrants have been scapegoats for much of US history, and now Breed and Jenkins are doing it again.

Retired judge files state Bar complaint against DA Brooke Jenkins

Martha Goldin asks for inquiry into the DA's paid work for nonprofits that were tightly linked to the Boudin recall campaign.

DA begins mass firings

Jenkins dismisses at least 16 prosecutors, suggesting major policy shifts

Exposing ‘copaganda’ as SFPD spends $1.6 million on ‘strategic communications’

Why are the taxpayers subsidizing misinformation and spin with a political agenda coming out of a troubled department?

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