Stories about Black Lives Matter

Why I can’t celebrate the resignation of Chief Suhr

There's still a woman dead, no accountability for the cops on the street -- and a lot of organizing to do
Protestors and police face off

SFPD’s Rap Sheet: More than 25 scandals since 2015

The recent shootings are not the only problem with SFPD. Check out our interactive investigation of a year of scandals

Hunger Strike Day XVII: Frisco 5 end hunger strike and call for ‘No Business As Usual’ Monday

At the hospital, Frisco 5 switch tactics, call for community action

Digging deep, empowered by grief

In "Seed Language," 58 young performers explore society's violence against black and brown bodies.

Enter ‘The Colored Museum’

African American Shakespeare Company tackles satirical take on black stereotypes with talent to spare.

Scenes from a bizarre police response to a peaceful protest

Welcome to Super Bowl week: Mario Woods protest shows heavy police presence near the NFL's Super Bowl City

No Suhr, No Sir!

Perhaps the killing of Mario Woods and countless other people of color by police is a need, a craving, an addiction to uphold white supremacy

How the 2016 races shape up

Control of the city, and its future, on the line in a year of high-octane, high-stakes politics   By Tim Redmond DECEMBER 4, 2015 – The next...

Angela Davis says economic justice is the bottom line

Capacity crowed at Jobs with Justice event spellbound by legendary activist By Tim Redmond NOVEMBER 19, 2015 – Angela Davis, the legendary writer, teacher, activist, and...

Behind the “protest” at the Examiner

Was the point to complain about the politics of a story -- or about a reporter calling out a politician? By Tim Redmond JULY 29, 2015...