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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Tagged with: Border Wall

‘Cassandro’ director: ‘Even in the macho wrestling world, a flamboyant gay man broke down walls’

Roger Ross Williams on filming the incredible story of the Mexican lucha libre star with Gael García Bernal

Screen Grabs: Jewish Film Fest delves into heroes, hoaxes, and hair-raisers

Teen tribulations, historical thrillers, and even a Bernie Madoff musical at the 41st installment, online and in-person.

Screen Grabs: Final chapter of ‘Purge’ series is an eerie echo of modern chaos

'The Forever Purge' is not subtle. But then, we are not living in gently-nuanced cultural times.

Searing, prescient, hilarious: ‘Laughter Against the Machine’ returns onscreen

Travel back with me to a distant time when the economy had collapsed, the country was visibly divided, protesters took over the streets, a...

Special report: Bay Area academics visit Kurds in Northern Syria

Editor's Note: This story by our Foreign Correspondent columnist Reese Erlich is accompanied by photographs by Beth LaBerge. In Laberge's words, "I spent two...

A Green Film Festival to fire you up

In organizing the San Francisco Green Film Festival, executive director Rachel Caplan has several things she’d like to see come out of the six...

A Green New Deal protest at Pelosi’s office

  While Rep. Nancy Pelosi jousted with President Trump over a government shutdown and the border wall, about 250 climate activists demanding a Green New...

Special Report: Scenes from the migrant caravan in Tijuana, part 1

Three days ago, anthropologists Seth M. Holmes, Fabian Fernandez, and Levi Vonk returned to UC Berkeley after meeting the migrant caravan in Tijuana. During...

Brown, Bloomberg (and their agenda) face protests at Climate Action Summit

As Governor Jerry Brown and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg opened the Global Climate Action Summit Thursday, they were greeted by hundreds...

Foreign Correspondent: A political landslide in Mexico

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT When I was writing an article about street vendors in Mexico City, I saw firsthand how the country's ruling party operated. Vendors...