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Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Tagged with: Mezzanine

Under the Stars: It’s gonna be a very The Roots December

Plus: Maya Rudolph's Prince cover band comes to town, synth wiz Franck Martin takes San Jose, more music news

As ideas settle and paint dries, Dana DeKalb’s fantastical world comes to life

The artist's painted dioramas and peculiar characters suggest an open-ended morality play taking shape

Major players fuel nightlife drive against anti-Asian hate—here’s how you can help

DJ Marky "Proof" Enriquez and emcee Fran Boogie threw a 40-hour online fundraiser for the cause. Let's keep it going

New Music: Bells Rang’s synth-rock makes a California Wave

What is "California Wave"? According to the Bells Rang, a local electronic rock group whose self-titled EP drops Fri/14, it's a sound that’s perfect...

Party Radar: A monster mash of Halloween bashes

While hardly as wild as it used to be, Halloween is still a hoot in this devilish town. Let us never forget the  year...

Quick ‘n Dirty Guide to Folsom Parties 2019

Let your fetish flag wave! On Sunday, September 22, a giant leather flag was raised in SoMa on the site of the new Eagle...

Does the Marriott Corporation need a $5 million tax break?

California tax law is weird, and Prop. 13 makes it weirder. And for commercial property owners, there are all sorts of loopholes. Then there’s the...


PRIDE Heeeeeeey, Happy GIANT PRODE, everybody! Party Radar's been on a wee hiatus while I finish this crazy book, sorry. I miss getting nuts...

Haney moves to save Mezzanine — and Soma nightlife

Supervisor Matt Haney announced Thursday that he will introduce a resolution that would give an added layer of protection to nightlife and entertainment venues...

The Democrats come to town: Convention preview

For weekend convention coverage, follow 48 Hills on Twitter: www.twitter.com/48hills and Facebook: www.facebook.com/48hills The California Democratic Party convention will take over Moscone Center this weekend – and...