Sunday, January 24, 2021

Tag: Mission Street

Taxi drivers, disability-rights advocates oppose new Market St. traffic plan

Plus: UC Regents vote on huge new project -- and Willie Brown's Chronicle column will quietly disappear. That's The Agenda for Jan 19-26

Housing advocates protest mayor’s plan to close hotels

'Closures of the SIP hotels will put thousands of people at risk of returning to the streets and hundreds of essential workers being laid off.'

Best of the Bay 2020 Readers’ Stories of Resilience and Inspiration

We asked our readers for stories of Bay Area strength and celebration—your responses gave us hope for the new year.

Big real estate escapes $360 million in annual SF taxes

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Owners of 55 local buildings (including Donald Trump) use Prop. 13 to save millions in taxes that could go to schools and city services.

Public funding transforms D11 race

The District 11 fundraising records show how public financing is changing the nature of local political campaigns. Former Sup. John Avalos is challenging the incumbent, Sup. Ahsha Safai. It’s always...

A city line of credit to help small businesses

Almost everything at City Hall is closed, cancelled, shut down right now. That’s obviously the right thing to do. Although I must admit, it’s a bit infuriating that housing developers,...

Last-minute campaign intelligence — and Election Night Parties

I haven’t seen a campaign mailer from Rep. Nancy Pelosi in at least 20 years. She doesn’t make a habit of coming back to town before elections, either; she’s...

Hiking the Crosstown Trail: a photo-essay, part one

Read part 2 of Lucas' photo-essay here.  A wind-swept bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A grotto of impossibly luxe mansions. An overgrown canyon carved by a modest creek, adjoining a...

Scenes from the DĂ­a de los Muertos #CloseTheCamps procession

Día de los Muertos is a simultaneously a solemn and lively occasion—and a Saturday protest against Trump's border policy embodied both. At 10am on Saturday morning at Dolores Park, dozens...

Excelsior residents oppose new luxury housing project

On Sunday afternoon, Excelsior residents and community-based organizations gathered to march, drum, chant, perform, and express their collective anger and distress over the rise of luxury development that has...