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Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Tagged with: Orlando

Screen Grabs: A globe-trotting filmmaker finally gets her due

Ulrike Ottinger in the spotlight at PFA. Plus: SF Cinematheque returns, The Sound of Metal, a Romanian tragedy, more movies

A local artist honors lost Black lives, portrait by portrait

Painter Radha Mehta's series commemorating lives lost to racially motivated murder and police brutality spreads to cities around the country.

Screen Grabs: Meet in the middle

This week's must-stream films bring visions of faraway lands and all-too-close looks at our own.

Screen Grabs: Art imitates life

Social media political propaganda campaigns, sexual abuse accusations, invaded privacy—art certainly seems to be imitating life even more than usual amongst new streaming releases...

Screen Grabs: Two movies so bad they’re (almost) good

This last Sunday marked our POTUS’ birthday—he’s now 74, never mind that he frequently plays the “too old” card on people just a couple...

Remembering the Pulse massacre, as Trump strips LGBTQ rights

The mass shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub four years ago took 49 lives and still leaves a deep scar on the LGBTQ and Latino...

Screen Grabs: More new flicks for your streaming pleasure

Welcome to Part 2 of our survey of new streaming releases you might be seeing in theaters at present if sanity weren’t currently prevailing—at...

‘Change the dynamics’: Dawoud Bey on photography, place, and history

On February 15, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art opened An American Project, a retrospective, of the work of multi-award-winning photographer and teacher...

Screen Grabs: Raining Internet cats and live-action dogs

It’s raining cats and dogs with the more family-friendly film events of the week. One is the new 20th Century Fox Animation/Disney live action...

Screen Grabs: Forget those Oscars, let’s go to Berlin & beyond

The Oscars are this Sunday, which ceremony will provide its annual mercy-killing service of putting a stop to the endless “awards season” talk—at least...