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Mandelman sets up D8 showdown

Challenge to Sup. Jeff Sheehy will be proxy battle over the mayor and the direction of the moderate board

A devious move to oust SF’s best Police Commission member

Safai ally Olga Miranda didn't even live in the city until a few weeks ago -- and suddenly wants to be on the commission

POA tries to hijack selection of new police chief

Cops want to make sure there's no reformer hired to oversee the department

The real-estate sleaze reaches high tide in the DCCC race

Facts and truth don't matter a bit in last-minute hit mailers. Oh -- and are the people funding the real-estate slate even registered to vote in this town?

Dem Party Chair Mary Jung’s sex-work hypocrisy

She rails against candidates who support decriminalization of sex work -- but ignores the fact that much of her own slate is in favor of decriminalization, too
San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi

A heated battle over tasers in San Francisco

Discussion at criminal justice summit highlights policy issue; doc film on tasers slated for May 31

Airbnb, tech execs fund nasty DCCC attack piece

Sleazy mailer lies about housing, goes after mostly women of color ... and creates a "Peskin Machine" that doesn't even remotely exist

The Democratic County Conway Committee

Panel sides with tech-money oligarchs across the board By Tim Redmond AUGUST 13, 2015 -- It’s tempting to just say the San Francisco Democratic Party has...

Democratic Party buckles on police reform

Modest resolution from Racial Justice Committee defeated by last-minute "substitution" that only praises the SFPD By Tim Redmond JULY 23, 2105 – Hene Kelly, a longtime...

SF Democrats roll over for Lee and the cops

Democratic County Central Committee endorses the mayor before we even know who else is running -- and shoots down a modest police-reform measure By Tim...