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Monday, September 26, 2022

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Tagged with: SF Mime Troupe

SF Mime Troupe tackles phony liberal nostalgia in ‘Back to the Way Things Were’

For its 63rd season, the Troupe returns outdoors for a sci-fi skewering of Obama-era pieties.

Screen star Colman Domingo revisits Bay Area roots for Mime Troupe celebration

The very hot actor on Chadwick Boseman, 'Nash Bridges,' and his powerful work with the Troupe's Youth Theatre Project

Screen Grabs: The marvelous range of Max von Sydow

Plus: Jane Fonda tours 1972 Vietnam, a dog tale from Turkey, mischievous orphans in Afghanistan, more

San Francisco Mime Troupe: Best of the Bay 2020 Editors’ Pick

Pivoting to online 'radio plays,' the 51-year-old favorite brought us vibrant 'Tales of the Resistance' and a timely 'Red Carol'


We're highlighting some of the tremendous people, places, and things that made the Bay Area shine during one heck of a year

Take that, 2020: The Mime Troupe pivots to web

It’s a rough time for live theater. As San Francisco arts organizations brainstorm ways to carry their message into the COVID era, some of...

Laborfest 2020 highlights global struggle from Vietnam to George Floyd uprising

The George Floyd uprising, the massive Juneteenth Oakland port blockade, gig workers protesting outside CEO's houses: All of these in the past month have...

Avast ye, developers! SF Mime Troupe’s ‘Treasure Island’ opens 60th season

Art mirrors Bay Area life in San Francisco Mime Troupe (SFMT)’s 60th-anniversary show, Treasure Island. Opening in Dolores Park on July 4, the play about...

Seeing Red: SF Mime Troupe is making it a socialist summer

ONSTAGE As someone who grew up watching San Francisco Mime Troupe productions, I can tell you that there is a right and true way...

‘Type/Caste’ is a curtain call for theater stereotypes

ONSTAGE I’ve been close to Bay Area actor Rotimi Agbabiaka for years, during which we have spent many moments laughing. There was the time...