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Expanding consciousness

The Zendo Project and new 'Manual of Psychedelic Support' aim to alleviate bad trips at music festivals and beyond.

PG&E, with Trump’s help, could shake down SF for $600 million

Criminal private utility makes another desperate effort to block public power in SF

Resist Trump — dump Ford (and ignore the Super Bowl hype)

A Sunday Super Bowl ad touts Ford's new vision -- for a car-driven, non-union future. SF shouldn't be fooled

Sup. Ahsha Safaí introduces resolution against Trump’s so-called Muslim Ban 

"Here in San Francisco we stand united and we won't back down."

Google workers walk out to protest Muslim ban

Maybe Trump will create an opening for progressives to find common ground with tech workers

San Francisco International Airport supports protestors defying Trump’s executive order

In a statement released by San Francisco International Airport on Sunday morning, the airport said it stands against Trump's executive order and in support...

SFO: UPDATE: Reunited with his family and allowed to stay. Iranian man being deported as family remains in limbo

Update: He was released after family was initially informed that he'd been detained. The family is reuniting after six years: "I'm so happy my...

International arrivals at San Francisco Airport shut down in protest of Trump’s Muslim ban

Emergency response is part of actions all over the country

Your next anxiety attack: rising sea levels

How freaked out should you be, living around the Bay? That's the subject of a panel discussion, Mon/25