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The Agenda, Feb. 29-March 6: The Alex Nieto trial, affordable housing ….

.... and when do kids become adults? We look at the week ahead

Enter ‘The Colored Museum’

African American Shakespeare Company tackles satirical take on black stereotypes with talent to spare.
The Fits reviewed by Jesse Hawthorne Ficks

What we saw at Sundance

From rapturous 'Fits' and glorious 'Certain Women' to a stabbing 'Lesson' and a freewheeling 'Lovesong', the film fest shined.

“Like watching your parents have sex”

Mexico City's art week 2016 both fascinated and appalled -- but there was genius, and there were tacos.

The Agenda, Feb. 1- Feb. 7: Super Bowl protests and affordable housing

A taxpayer suit against Super Bowl costs? Plus: a key vote on affordable housing policy in the guise of a technical call for a hearing

Occupy the Super Bowl?

Protesters are going to set up a Homeless Super Bowl City on the Embarcadero. How will Mayor Lee respond?

Scott Wiener goes after homeless people in tents

But isn't it better that people living on the streets are dry during El Nino?
48 Hills: The First Church of the Sacred Silversexual celebrated David Bowie's birthday last Friday with a theatrical spectacular at the Chapel.

David Bowie, Starman

Rock icon's death of cancer at age 69 prompts cosmic reflection from leader of SF's "religion of Bowie."

‘Lowrider Lawyers’ put the city on trial

New movie uses music, humor, and truth to address the killing of Alex Nieto.

Can you whack?

Viktor Manoel, a Chicano originator of 1970s dance form whacking, schools young Mexican dancers in the art.