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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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News + Politics Voting for the future of CA Democratic Party

Voting for the future of CA Democratic Party

This year, Assembly Delegates are elected by mail -- and you have to fill out an online form by Jan 11 to vote.


Every two years, a relatively small number of people elect the delegates who set policy for the California Democratic Party.

The election for Assembly District Delegates takes place in January. Usually, it’s somewhere between chaos and direct democracy; in San Francisco there are typically two slates, a progressive slate and a pro-corporate slate, and it’s all about who can get their supporters to show up on a Saturday at a big hall and line up for a couple of hours to cast a vote.

The scene at the Women’s Building in 2019 when people showed up to vote for delegates.

The outcome matters: The delegates who are elected go to the state convention and vote on everything from resolutions that set the party’s positions on key issues to endorsements of candidates (including in Democratic primaries.)

Here, according to the party, are the things that delegates do:

Election of CDP Officers: Chairman, two Vice-Chairs, Secretary and Controller (in odd-numbered years after presidential elections)

Election of 16-25 Regional Directors who function as liaisons between the California Democratic Party, County Central Committees, and Democratic Clubs in regions comprised of 3 to 5 Assembly Districts (in odd-numbered years)

Vote for the Endorsements of the California Democratic Party for partisan legislative and statewide offices in California

Vote for Positions on Ballot Propositions (as needed)

Establishment of the official California Democratic State Party Platform (in even-numbered years), and CDP Resolutions.

In the past, any registered Democrat could show up and vote.

It’s not happening that way this year.

In January, 2021, you have to sign up in advance, even if you are already registered to vote, and get a ballot by mail.

If you care about the future of the Democratic Party in California, and you want to vote for delegates, you need to go here, right away, and register. The deadline is Jan 11.

The progressives have a slate in Districts 17 and 19, and I’m sure that the David Chiu-Scott-Wiener camp will have its own slate. More on that when I have more information.

But for now: If you want to have a role in the party’s future, you need to go online and register. It takes about 60 seconds.

Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.


  1. Show of hands: who remembers when Campos was on the SF Police Commission while the POA was terrorizing communities, and the best Campos could do was to warm the seat and make no waves so that he would engender no opposition to his elevation so that once on the Board of Supervisors he could warm the seat and make no waves so that he would engender no opposition to his elevation. Meanwhile, at 850 Bryant…

    Years of seat warming were not enough to heft Campos’ freight over the finish line. That approach fell short to a technocratic neoliberal hack who was previously endorsed by this rag in an earlier, print incarnation.

    His dedo successor likewise just rolled over for the SFPD, not once, but twice, in grand dame white supremacist style. That was another stellar example of “pro-labor” politics, when labor hacks attacked young activists of color.

    But they’re progressive, anti-corporate and pro-labor!!! If supervisors are going to style themselves progressive and pro-labor but don’t organize their constituencies and working people to raise power to change political outcomes, then they tolerate the default which makes them pro-corporate seat warmers by the outcomes. The only constituencies that count here are the interests of the hack parade.

  2. I bet that with the “sure winner” David Campos leading the charge at the CADP, we’ll see the same wonderful outcomes statewide that we saw in D9 and San Francisco under his seat warmer watch.

    As a Green, I urge Democrats to drop another dook in their own midst and strongly support David Campos for CADP Vice Chair. With the political dream team of Albee, Ronen and Ashley behind Campos, the record speaks for itself.

    What the CADP needs is one who is adept at manipulating elites for his own purposes.

  3. Tim doesn’t leave much room in his mind. You are either progressive or pro-corporate. No room in between.

  4. and if not many people are interested it’s because COVID. not because they dropped a nuke on their own voter base.

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