Stories about Coalition on Homelessness

Campos throws down gauntlet, calls for state of emergency on homelessness

Supervisor says the mayor has failed to act on the crisis

Where will the Division Street homeless go?

The mayor orders the tents swept away. But there's no room in the shelters, so where are people supposed to live?

The Agenda, Feb 22-29 2016: Politics, housing, homeless policy …

... it's all busy on the political front this week

Five myths about the homeless problem in San Francisco

Most of what the politicians and the media are telling you isn't true. Here's why.

Crashing the Super Bowl party

The Super Bowl is for the very rich, but the people who struggle to live here on the streets every day made a strong statement for the national media

Occupy the Super Bowl?

Protesters are going to set up a Homeless Super Bowl City on the Embarcadero. How will Mayor Lee respond?

Scott Wiener goes after homeless people in tents

But isn't it better that people living on the streets are dry during El Nino?

What the next homeless director needs to do

Let's make a plan to put 6,000 homeless people into housing. It's something the city can do By Jennifer Friedenbach In my 20 years of working...
48 Hills Streetopia

Dreaming of a new Streetopia

Groundbreaking 2012 arts festival -- which fought Lee's "art washed" gentrification plan -- is revisited with new book and two events, Thu/15 and Fri/16.  By...

OPINION: Queer homelessness, queer shame

When will the mainstream LGBT organizations declare war on poverty? By Tommi Avicolli Mecca JULY 17, 2105 -- Once again, for the second time in a...