Stories about International Hotel

A showcase of ‘young blood’ Asian American writers

Kearny Street Workshop’s Interdisciplinary Writers Lab Final Reading pools new talent and activist elders at Asian Art Museum

Arthur, Arthur!

Reflections on a punch bowl, my Washington High School reunion -- and what it means to be an "Arthur"

Who let the I-Hotel fall?

Dianne Feinstein played a key role in letting a speculator tear down the building and leave it as a hole in the wall for more than two decades

Long live the I-Hotel

Let's not forget the struggle that shaped SF's housing battles four decades ago

The Agenda: Remembering the I-Hotel

A commemoration of an eviction that changed San Francisco

The supersizing of Soma

Massive Fifth and Mission project could lead to massive displacement. Does the Chronicle remember the I-Hotel?  By Tony Robles SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 -- August 4th marked...

The culture of deletion

A native San Franciscan talks about the loss of the city he knew Editor’s note: We’ve been writing a lot about the tech invasion lately,...

Will the “growth wars” ever end? Well, maybe not

By Zelda Bronstein OCTOBER 13, 2014 -- Every month, the law firm of Reuben, Junius & Rose hosts a lunchtime forum called the Real Estate...