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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Tagged with: SFist

Bilal Mahmood puffed up his resume—and the Chron doesn’t seem to care

Neuroscientists say he's not a 'neuroscientist' (he's not an 'economist,' either)—but the dailies still let his claims stand without challenge.

New sound super-sleuth? Head to Café du Nord for fresh notes

Local talent shines at the storied venue's recent shows, from ZOLA to Haillie Hay.

Examiner faces criticism over image of Preston in a bulls-eye target

Paper apologizes but the violent image is still on the web—at a time when political violence is a very serious problem.

Good Taste: 5 restaurant openings that’ll rock in 2022

Plus: One trailer that will make your future mornings in Oakland

Boudin recall ad features paid staffers and a scandal-plagued former DA

Why don't the local media, so happy to attack the DA, fact-check an ad that is blatantly false and kind of ridiculous?

Reflections on a phantom mall—and other local property follies

Former CurbedSF editor Brock Keeling on the future of the city, jaw-dropping real estate porn, and covering our wild and tragic local moment

The misleading reports (and reporting) on Prop. E

I was around in 1986, when the San Francisco Chronicle, along with most of the political power structure of the city, argued that Proposition...

KQED says 48 Hills is a story of the decade

KQED released a beautifully designed, memory-triggering package yesterday called "Our Turbulent Decade." It's an in-depth, year-by-year look some of the most impactful events and...

The Chron’s robo-journalism

It looked just like so many other short news briefs in the San Francisco Chronicle; straightforward, factual, a little boring. A modest earthquake struck...

Arts Forecast: Here come the Sisters

MUCH ADO ABOUT FOLSOM Folsom Street Fair is two Sundays away (watch for my party guide), and what better way could organizers seize the news...