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The absurd, failed economics of the jobs-housing linkage fee

Developers would pay for only 20 percent of the demand their projects create - so why are we still building so much office space?

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SFist network shut down by anti-union billionaire owner

Retaliation for union vote shuts down entire Gothamist and DNAinfo networks: 115 writers and editors out of jobs

Strange rumblings in local news media

SFist bought by right-wing billionaire. Examiner editor goes to work for Breed. What's it all mean?

Can burned-out SRO housing units be saved?

Yes -- but only if the city is paying attention and doesn't let speculators prevent right of return

Homelessness: the media’s big problem

The words and images we use matter; they create perceptions that drive public policy

Duboce Triangle evictor responds to our story

Of human rights, fair play, and housing The man who is in charge of evicting a long-term tenant in Duboce Triangle got back to me...

The Agenda, Oct. 19-25: The city’s housing balance, an Uber crime report …

... a School Board member's role in a sleazy Ed Lee/Julie Christensen event, and why is SF still stuck with Comcast?  By Tim Redmond OCTOBER 19,...

Here’s what the private housing market creates

Turn 12 high-end units into two billionaire penthouses? Sure -- that's what the "market" wants.  While we continue to fight over whether there ought to...

Facebook dismisses drag queens. It’s not over.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 -- “I don’t think,” Sup. David Campos told me, “that the Facebook campus has ever seen quite this type of visit.” Indeed:...