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Saturday, October 23, 2021

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Tagged with: Trumpism

Newsom beats back recall handily; now he has to decide who his friends are

Labor and grassroots Democrats kept him in office. Will he remember that when it comes to making policy?

Why is the Equality Act stalled in the Senate? Ask Joe Manchin …

... or Susan Collins. Or the 49 other Republicans who are unwilling to sign on to a very basic bill protecting LGBT civil rights.

Why did so many people vote for Trump?

Radical economic inequality causes social breakdown. We're seeing it right now.

SF’s economic recovery plan: Trumpism on the local level

It's all about governmental deregulation and public subsidy of private profit -- while ignoring the manifest needs of everyday people.

Wearing a mask is a political statement—that you care about community

Donald Trump has – no surprise – turned a basic public-health practice into a political issue, putting millions of lives at risk. Trump has consistently...

Senate tumult reflects popular discontent with Yemen War

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT I'm on a low-budget book tour, sleeping in spare bedrooms and munching granola in the kitchens of progressives all along the East Coast....

Prop. C: The battle for the soul of San Francisco

The New American Oligarchy of Wealth and Privilege that seized control of the United States two years ago with the election of President Donald...

A terrible week at the Supreme Court — and it could get even worse

It’s been a very bad week at the US Supreme Court – and it could get a whole lot worse. Justice Anthony Kennedy was the...

Alternative facts and the mayor’s housing plan

Mayor Ed Lee two weeks ago launched a new effort to bring about "affordable" housing opportunities for San Franciscans by proposing, as he did...

Defending us from Trumpism? Jerry Brown is no help

At the heart of the appeal of Trump's successful campaign message was (is) the accusation that the leadership of the Democratic party was (is)...